Viparspectra Review (VIPARSPECTRA 1200W, 600W AND 450W)


Viparspectra Review

This is a unique led grow light product that is specially manufactured to monitor the growth of your plants at every stage of the plants life cycle. It does this with its ability of keep consistence balance of PAR / LUMEN output and also its coverage. This awesome grow light system provides to your plants all the necessary factors it requires for its proper growth and its full maturity.


The VIPARSPECTRA 1200W is an awesome led grow light that has double switches at the back of the system. The two switches are;

*The Vegetative switch and the other switch is the blooming switch.

This grow light device also has an input plug at the back of the device and the function of this input plug is to help you to connect it to a power source (electricity source).

With this Vipar grow light, you are rest assured of having your plants grow very well and healthy at the vegetative stage and at the flowering stage with all their potentials fully seen with a great yield and harvest.


The key features of this product are what make it different and unique. Below the features that makes it unique;

FULL SPECTRUM: This 1200W Vipar grow light is designed with a full range of spectrum and that is the advantage it has over other led grow light in the market.

The function of the full spectrum is to provide for the plants the appropriate range of light required by your plants to grow well and healthy at every stage of the plant life cycle.

This will ensure that the lights reaches every part of the plants by means of distribution, unlike other led grow lights products that works by only focusing all their light just on the top of the plants without distributing the light to reach every part of the plants.

POWER CONSUMPTION: Is very important to know the power consumption of your led grow light system in order to know how much energy is talking and how energy is giving.

The power consumption of this led grow light is 524 watt but is rated 1200 watt and for this reason it consumes less than it is rated thereby saving you some energy then other led grow lights.

COOLING FANS AND HEAT SINK: The manufactures of this product designed it with a well built standard cooling fans and the major work of these fans is to help keep the system cooling while in operation and stop heat from accumulating or any form of overheating in the panel of the system. It also has a heat sink that helps to emit heat from destroying the device.

N/B: This system can run for a very long time without heating up because of the strong cooling fans is built with.

COVERAGE: One of the beautiful qualities of this grow light is that it has a competitive coverage over other led grow lights and has also supersede other products in the market because of its 3 year warranty that comes with it and a 30 day money back guarantee.


-A hanging kit for hang the grow light and keep it at a place.

-A power cord that is 6ft long for connecting the system to a power source

-Long life span that can keep the system running for 50,000 thousand hours

-I have the ability to of replacing a 1000 watt HPs/MH

-It frequency is 50 – 60 Hz

-It weights 21.6 lbs while its dimension is 19.2 inches length, 19.2 inches width and 3 inches Height.


-It ensures that its light reaches every part of the plants.

-The spectrum of this grow light is strong and functions like the natural sunlight, thereby causing your plants to grow faster and healthier.

-It has a 3 year warranty and a 30 days guarantee.

-The cooling fans are very effective and efficient.

-It does not draw excessive power


-It might not serve for so much time that is why you are given a period of 3 year warranty to make good use of it.


Growing of plants indoors can be very interesting and motivating especially during growing the plants with the right type of led grow light. There are so many grow lights in the market today and they all claim that their products are the best for growing plants indoors.

Sometimes you might decide to give those products a tier. Sometimes they turn out to be perfect for growing your plants, times they turn out to be a deserter and destroy your plants.

N/B: They are no LED grow lights in the market today that is 100% perfect in all aspect of functioning, what really matters when choosing a led grow light is purchasing the one that has more advantages and less or no effective disadvantages.

This is one of the best brands of grow light in the market that can really deliver to your plant the exact growth rate it requires. This is because the Vipar 600W is designed with a high quality lights that is outstanding and incomparable today in the led grow light market.


The physical looks of a product is not what makes it the best but the quality materials they are made of.

The Reflector series 600W is designed with a full spectrum that can deliver a full coverage over your plants and enable the plants to develop well at every stage of the plant life cycle. This product is designed with awesome lights that are excellent in working, very strong and effective.

For this reason, the 600W Vipar series should be hanged at about 24 inches on top of the plants.


Vegetative18 to 22 inches
Flowering14 to 16 inches

The 600W series Vipar grow light is designed with a PAR that helps to provide balance light that stimulates Photosynthesis in the plants.

Is also designed to work and function well in any country, irrespective of the weather condition differences in all country around the world.


FULL SPECTRUM: This grow light is designed with full spectrum and the function of this spectrum is to support your plants growth at all stage of its life. With this full spectrum, the plants will not require any extra light for its growth support.

The full spectrum also includes the Ultraviolet (UV) and the Infrared (IR) lights. These two lights play an important role in the life cycle of your plants.

 THE ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT: This light helps to fight against bacteria and viruses that might want to attack the plants planted indoors.

THE INFRARED LIGHT: This light helps the plants to undergo its cell division faster and efficiently.

LIFE SPAN: Manufacturers of this grow light built it with sophisticated materials and a long lasting running system that has a long life span that ranges at 100,000 thousand hours for as long as 10 years of operation.

With this long running hours of this grow light system, you are rest assured that it will carry your plants from the seeding stage, vegetative stage and flowering stage without breaking down in the most of your plants growth process.

COVERAGE: The core coverage of this product is good and perfect for growing plants indoors and it all depends on your budget on the size of room you want to use for growing your plants and the quality of plants you want to cultivate.

Using this led grow light system, you will be able to cultivate on areas that is 3 by 3 and 4 by 4 or even more.

COOLING SYSTEM: The cooling system is amazing in such a way that it helps to keep the panel cooling during operation.

During operation, especially long hours running operation of the grow light system, heat tend to build up in the system and this may cause damages to the panel of the system and also, the heat might be transmitted to the plants which will end up drying up the plants and causing serious damages to the plants. But with the presence of the cooling fans, overheating could hardly occur.

STRENGTH: For an intensive and effective penetration, the Viparspectra 600W has the strength to penetrate into plants and deliver to your plants the necessary nutrients it needs for proper growth.


-It does not need any external lights for supporting the plants growth.

-It has a very high pressure fans that keep the system cooling and a heat sink

-Suitable for a 3 by 3 or a 4 by 4 planting area.

-Designed with a balanced PAR / LUMEN output and coverage.

-Long life span of 100,000 thousand hours.

-It has double switches, one for vegetative stage while the other is for the blooming stage.


-Very high light density that needs monitoring to avoid overheating destroying the plants.

-This led grow light system is not a water proof system.


Growing your plants with suitable led grow light will encourage people around you to go into indoors farmer and it will also encourage you to grow more plants and you will appreciate your plants growth.

The Reflector 450W Series is a less expensive led grow light but is very strong and efficient in its method and pattern of assisting and supporting your growing plants.

This product is reliable and durable in such a way that it helps your plants at every given stage of their life cycle without causing damages to the plants.

Is a less consuming led grow light system that consumes only 200 WATT which is much lower that other led grow lights system that consumes 400 WATT and above.


This is a portable product that is dimmable and has a timer with a control series. Below are some of the key features of this particle grow light;

CORE COVERAGE: Having a good coverage is one desire every one (farmer) needs from a led grow light. With this reflector 450W, you are sure of getting coverage of 3.5 x 3.5 ft at 24 area coverage core.

DIMENSION: The dimension of this 450 Vipar is measured 15.8 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches.

STRENGTH: The strength of this system is very impressive because of its penetrative power that can grantee your plants an awesome growth without causing any damage to your plants.

This LED grow light should be hanged above the plants at 24 ft inches in order to provide sufficient light to the plants in order to make them have quick, fast and healthy growth.

COOLING FANS: This system is designed with a cooling system and an Aluminum heat sink that ensures that the panel of the grow light device is kept cool at all times.

This cooling fans and heat sink helps in keeping heat at its lowest level in order not to cause damages to the plants and the system panel.

SWITCHES: Producers of this grow light designed it to have double switches on the body of the system. The two switches represent the leaf production switch which is BLUE while the other switch is the bud enhancement switch which is RED.

With the help of these switches you can choose the one that is best for your plants at its particle stage.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The reflector 450 WATT has a low energy consumption ranging at 200 watts which is better than most traditional led grow lights.

FULL SPECTRUM: This grow light is designed with high quality full spectrum that supports and provide lights for your plants to help them germinate well.

The full spectrum functions like the natural sunlight to your plants. It also have the Ultraviolet (UV) light and the Infrared (IR) lights that have their different working patter and positive effects on the plants during their blooming and seeding stage.


  • -The system is very easy to operate and setup.
  • -It is an upgrade from 300 watt.
  • -Is affordable by both starters and professional farmers.
  • -Is not a nosier system
  • -The cooling fans and heat sink are very effective
  • -The energy consumption is perfect
  • -the full spectrums are made of high quality
  • -A perfect coverage that is good for both small and large farming
  • – Is built with dual or double switches


No recorded disadvantages or complains from users of this product.


The Viparspectra led grow light is an awesome product that will give to your plants all the supports they need to grow healthy.

There are thousands uses of this product all over the world and they all never believed that this grow light could make a great impact in their farming and help them grow more plants and any plant of their choice until they started using this product.

What are you waiting for? You can get yours right away and be a part of the great indoors farmer all over the world.

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