MAXSISUN Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light Review

This is one of the cheapest and most affordable LED grow lights that any farmer or intending farmer to be will ever get, be you a starter in indoors farming or a professional in indoor farming.

MAXSISUN Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light

The MAXSISUN 300W led grow light is considered a good and perfect light because it has a prefect full light spectrum. The major purpose of this full spectrum is to enable your plants grow properly without any form of restriction. With the help of this full spectrum, your plants will attend full maturity and exploit it potentials.

This product is a very high decently of light and for this reason, is advisable to hang this light at about 25 to 30 ft high above the plants in other not to cause damages to your plants. Within the first time period of use, is advisable to monitor the plants and its response to the Led grow light distance.

NOTE: You can use this led grow light on your plants at any stage of the plant cycle, be it at the vegetative stage of the plant cycle or at the flowering stage of the plant cycle.


This led grow light system is designed with Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) lights that facilitates the growth of your plants.

THE ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT: Facilitates the ability of the plants to stand against bacterial and any form of disease trying to attack your plants.

THE INFRARED LIGHT: Facilitate cell division in the plant cells and causes it to multiple.

The unique thing about this product is that is totally different from other standard led grow light systems, the reason is that it does not generate heat or overheating during operation.


FULL SPECTRUM: The MAX300W LED grow light offers to your plants a full spectrum which enables you to have control over the growth of you plant at any stage of the plant life cycle. It offers a great stimulation to the plants that causes it to have a rapid growth and blossom fast.

AREA OF COVERAGE: This led grow light offers a great coverage for the areas you want to plant depending on the size of plants you want to cultivate and the size of the room you are using for planting.

NOTE: The coverage for your plants differs depending on the stage of the plants.

*The coverage of your plants at the Vegetative stage is 3.5 x 3.5ft.

*The coverage of your plants at the blooming stage is 2.5 x 2.5ft.

COOLING SYSTEM: The led light system is designed with a cooling system and the major work of this cooling system is to help cool the grow light device during operation. The cooling fan system helps to emit heat that might be accumulating due the cause of the running hours of the grow light device and preventing heat from damaging your plants.

The cooling ratio of this MD300W is 3watt, which is less than other led grow light systems with 5watt. But with the above led grow light device, heat will be absorbed from your plants and your plants will grow healthy and strong.

 LIFE SPAN: Long life span is also what makes a machine durable and adorable. There is nothing worse than having a machine that cannot serve for a good period of time.

Plants grow indoors require long supply of lights to help them have rapid grow in and out of season and for you to achieve this, the led grow light should be able to run for hours to provide a full dose of light needed by the plants to germinate.

This led grow light system can run for 50,000 hours without any bridging to enable the plant gain all the nutrients it needs to grow well.

DIMMABLITY: Some plants grow well and healthy in a brighter light while some grow well in a low light depending on the kind of plant you are growing using the led light .

Is advisable to study you plants and they are being grow with led light in order to use the led grow light properly on your plants.

With the help of the Dimmable control feature, you will be able to dim the lights to suit your plants at every stage of their life cycle.


  • Voltage is AC100-240V
  • Its power consumption is 142W.
  • Life span ranging at about 50,000 and above.
  • Core coverage of 2.5 x 2.5ft
  • It has full spectrum
  • Is designed with secondary reflector magnifiers PAR and increase canopy penetration by up to 150%.


  • Is affordable
  • They dimmable control features
  • They have daisy chain features.
  • Is very easy to replace the regular HID/MH lights.


  • When using this led grow light, if not monitored and observed properly, the heat from the grow light system might get out of control and will end up causing damages to the plants.

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