Mars Hydro 300w LED Grow Light 2018 Review

You have finally made up your mind to go into indoors farming and start using LED grow lights to grow your plants, but on challenge you are having right now is that you don’t know the right and perfect grow light to start with and that is why we are presenting to you the Mars Hydro 300W led grow light for the growing of your plants. This grow is specially manufactured to help support your plants during their growth processes and to stimulate the growth rate of the plants without causing damages to the plants.

Mars Hydro 300w LED Grow Light Review

This led grow light have been used in growing different kinds of plants and they all responded well by germinating well and reproducing healthy fruits and flowering without any shortage in the cycle of the plants.


The Mars Hydro 300W Led grow light is a unique grow light system that is especially manufactured for the purpose of growing plants and having a great yield from the plants.

This is suitable for starters due the functions and also the affordability of the device. This is so in order not to scare the first timer indoor farmers with the high cost of getting other expensive led grow light systems.

The MH300W is designed with unique features that makes it function the way they do.

Below are some of the key features of this led grow light system that you will really love;

COOLING FANS: The cooling fans in this system are very large in diameter in such a way that it helps to constantly keep the system cool at all time as long as is in operation.

Once the system is turned on, the large fans blows cool breeze that helps to keep the temperature cool and reduce heat from accumulating to destroy the led system and your plants.

NOTE: Excessive heat can dry up the plants there by bridging the growth of the plants. A cooling system is 100% needed in growing the plants indoors.

BALANCED SPECTRUM: This awesome device is designed with balanced good working spectrum that is perfectly suitable for your plants at every phase of the plant life cycle.

The major work of this balanced spectrum is to stimulate plants and facilitate their ability to grow faster, healthier and yield great harvest.

RELIABLE DIODES: The MH300W is designed with reliable Diodes.

Why do we say that they are reliable? This is because the panel of this led grow light is built and designed to stand against any attempt of burn. If you look closely to this led light system, there are protective devices on it; the work of this is to protect the system from shutting down if by any means of the diodes burns off.

QUALITY LIGHT: This system is designed with EpiStar LED that is 5watt of which is equivalent to 300watts, with this quality lights, you can grow so plants. Examples are Vegetable plants, Cannabis and other flowering plants.

AREA OF COVREAGE: The area of coverage of this device depends on the size of the room you are using or intending to use for growing your plants and the quality of plants you are planting.

We advise you to use 18 by 18 inches area for the planting of your crops.


  • *450   ̴ 475 nm
  • *620   ̴ 630 nm
  • *650   ̴ 660 nm


  • *430   ̴ 440 nm
  • *450   ̴ 475 nm
  • *620   ̴ 630 nm
  • *650   ̴ 660 nm


  • *85 to 265V

(Using Amperes that is 1.33)




*50,000 to 10,000 hours


*A 30 day guarantee


  • This led grow light does not have any form of electrical or chemical odor like some led grow light system does.
  • It is less expensive.
  • Easy to setup.
  • They are suitable for all stages of the plants life cycle.
  • It life span is 50,000 hours to 10,000 hours.
  • This grow light can be used in any country.
  • It is designed with UL and VDE Certified plugs.
  • It only takes up 135watts.
  • It is useable by both starters and professionals.
  • A 30 day guarantee
  • Its lights are ECO friendly.


  • Not made for professional farmers
  • It does not have an off switch.
  • It is a noise system because of the large cooling fan.
  • It is not for multiple plants yields because of its small led lights.
  • It has a one (1) warranty.
  • It is most suitable for small operations.


Always read through the manual booklet to understand how to use this led grow light and to use it on different plants at different level of the plant cycle and the distance of which the grow light should be kept from your plant. This will ensure you to grow healthy plants and help you have better understanding about indoors farming and led grow lights in general.

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