King Plus 1200W Double Chips Indoor Led Grow Light Review

As an indoors farmer, you might have used lots of LED grow lights and you see the difference in those products.

Some of those led grow lights products favored your plants while some them where hug disappointment and caused get damage to your plants. Sometimes you might feel discourage over growing plants indoors using LED grow lights because of the bad past experiences you got through the cause of using some grow lights.


For this reasons, we present to you the sophisticated product called the King 120W Led grow light that is perfect for growing your plants indoor.

Someone might ask what really makes this King 200W different from other multiple Led grow lights in the market and some people might even have doubt about what this product can do for them and that is why we doing a post review on this awesome product to let you know that you might have tried some other LED grow lights but never tried anything like the KING 200W led grow light.



This amazing grow light product has unique qualities that will help you grow your plants from that early stage to the flowering stage of the plant life cycle.

It has a long life span that can sustain your plants for about 50,000 hours and because of this, your plants absorbs about 90% to 95% of the lights which makes the grow well and healthy.

This led grow light system can only consume power within the range of 320W -34W but saves more energy even while in performance. It can be used to grow your plants at any level, from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without causing damages to the plants.


COOLING FANS:  Your plants will grow health without drying up by heat. This system is designed with four cooling fans, the functions of this cooling fans is to keep the system cool as it runs for thousands of hours.

As this led grow light is in operation, there is every tendency that heat might be accumulating in it and the heat might transmit into your plants thereby causing damages to your plants, but with help of the cooling fans, the accumulating heat with be absorbed, your plants will be safe and the grow light system will be safe too.


N/B: Excessive heat can destroy your plants or even dry them up, but with this cooling system, the plants will be protected and the system will be cooler with lesser noise which is much better than other LED grow lighting systems.

This unique grow light works and functions like the natural sunlight to your plants and energizes the plants to grow stronger healthier. It is designed with a color ratio light which includes Infrared (IR) light, Ultraviolet (UV) light, white lights, Blue lights, Red lights and yellow lights.

THE INFRARED (IR): The infrared lights major function is to help promote the cell division of the plant causing it to germinate seeds faster.

 THE ULTRAVIOLET (UV): The Ultraviolet major function is to help fight against bacterial infections and diseases in the plants.



The King 1200W Led grow light can be use on plants during different phase of their life cycle.

Below are areas and phases of plants life cycle that this 200W led grow light can be used.

  • It can be used in breeding farms.
  • For water soluble breeding.
  • It can be used for Pipeline cultivation.
  • During sowing period, it can be used.
  • It can be used for flowering exhibition.
  • For green house cultivation.
  • It can also be used for pot culture cultivation.


  • It has Voltage that ranges from 85V – 265V
  • The life span rates at 50,000 hours.
  • It frequency is 50 ̴60Hz.
  • Its dimension is 15.7 x 15.7 x 2.37 inches.
  • Its area of coverage is 5.2 x 5.2ft.
  • Is designed with full spectrum that is suitable for plants at any phase which 410nm, 430 ̴ 440nm, 450  ̴ 475nm, 520   ̴ 630nm, 650   ̴ 670nm, White, Infrared (IR) 730nm.
  • Its package comes with the led light hanger and a power cord.
  • Is designed with cooling fans that are four in number and the fans are not noisier.
  • This led light is built with 6Watts bulbs.
  • Its lights are replicate of natural sunlight.
  • This product comes with a three (3) Warranty.


  • It has a completion of full spectrum.
  • The life span is encouraging.
  • This product is a replicate of natural sunlight.
  • It can be use on your plants at any stage of their life cycle.



  • Not very efficient to other LED grow lights that are made of higher and much better qualities.



Growing plants indoors with this led grow light is very easy and very efficient because with it you will be able to grow your plants in and out season with any restrictions.

Setting it up would not be a problem at all because this led grow light package comes with an instructive manual that will direct you on how to use it on the plants at the sowing stage, germination stage, vegetative stage and the blooming stage of the plant cycle.


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