King Plus 1000W Full Spectrum Indoor Led Grow Light Review

Growing plants indoors can only be successful if its done with the right Led grow light and with a better understanding on how the led grow lights works. You will be able to make a great harvest from your plants.

Getting a good grow light is an investment that could stay for some numbers of years and serve you so well. But you will be rest assured that within that period of years, you will grow amazing plants that will give you great yields.

Here we present you the KING plus 1000W led grow light, this is a perfect led grow light for growing your plants because is affordable, effective and reliable.

This grow light is much preferable for starters because is less expensive but will deliver to you the type of operation most high expensive led grow light will deliver.



The KING plus 1000W led grow light is a full spectrum light system that helps your plants germinate well and healthy at every stage of their life cycle, be it the vegetative stage or at the flowering stage of the plants.

This light is designed with a Double Chips that are totally different from other standard led grow lights. This is because the Chips of this grow light are 5 watt which is almost double times the Chips in other standard led grow lights and because of these double chips.

The manufactures of this product designed it to produce brighter lights that shine more than other led grow lights and with the help of this bright lights, the plants will receive full nutrients that will help nourish the plant and support their growth. This bright light serves like the natural sunlight to the plants.


A cooling system plays an important role growing plants indoors; this led grow light is designed with a cooling system that helps to emit heats from your plants and the device itself. This system is built with two (2) quality working fans that blows cool breeze to the system causing the life span to be sustained.

Without this cooling fan device in the grow light system, there will be overheating in the panel of the system which might lead to a serious damage to the light system. The cause of this heat is because the system is kept on running serials of hours to sustained the plants placed under it. But with the help of this cooling fans, the system will be able to keep running for hours without any bridging.




– Red lights are 71 in number (620-630nm and 655-660nm)

-Yellow lights are 8 in number (620-650nm)

-Ultraviolet light is 1 (380-410nm)

-Blue lights are 14 in number (440-450nm and 450-460nm)

-Infrared light is 1 (730nm)



AREA OF COVERAGE: This product is designed to cover about 3.4 to 3.8ft, also reasonable area during planting most especially when you know the size of your growing room.

DOUBLE CHIPS: The major work of the double chips is to enable the system to product brighter lights because is design with a 5 watt chips.

COOLING SYSTEM: This led light system is designed with a high quality cooling fans that helps keeps the system cool from excessive heat, this is so because it uses 5 watt chips that is higher than 3 watt chips used by most standard grow lights.

COMPLETE SPECTRUM LIGHT: It comes with full spectrum light which enables it to work effectively and efficiently. This light includes the Infrared and the Ultraviolet lights.



  • Frequency is 50-60Hz
  • Full spectrum lights
  • Its life span is designed to run for about 50,000hours
  • It has power cord and a hanging kit
  • Is designed to run on AC85-265V
  • Its core coverage is 3 by 3ft
  • 400watt HID System
  • Is a 12.2 x 8.26inches dimension
  • Voltage 85V -265V
  • It has a cooling system
  • Is designed with EpiLED
  • It has a 10W Double chips



-Is system functional in every country.

-Is affordable

-It has a long life span that can keep the system working for about 5 to 6 years.

-The system is easy to operate.

-It comes with a 3 year warranty

-The lights are replicable if anything goes wrong with the initial lights it comes with.

-They can run for 50,000 hours

-They support your plant growth at every phase of the plant cycle

-fight against bacterial with the help of the Ultraviolet light

-It promotes cell division with the help of the Infrared light.

-Is built with double chips device.



-Is not suitable for large planting

-the lights are not going to stay for a very long time that is why they can be replicable when they go bad.

-It might not serve for too long that is why you are given a 3 year warranty.



Users of the King plus 1000W led grow light all over the world have confirm that with this grow light, you are sure of having a hug harvest.

No complain from users of this product from all over the world so far.

Give it a Trier today and get your doubt all clear up.

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