Kind LED K5 XL1000 2018 Review

Kind LED K5 XL1000 Review: What attracts people to a particle Led grow light is not it physical appearance or the number of years the guarantee and warranty is. What really attracts farmers to a particle led grow light is the performance when it is in use and the ability of the grow light to make your plants grow healthy at every stage of the plant life cycle and it potentials is actualized.

Kind LED K5 XL1000


That is why we are presenting to you the Kind LED K5 XL1000 Led grow light. This is one of the most selling led grow light in the market because of its essential lighting ability required in growing plants indoors. This K5 XL1000 functions perfectly well by providing natural sun light to your plants.


The K5 grow light is not a less expensive led grow light but is unique with awesome criteria that are so much impressive than other expensive led grow lights.

This grow light system is specially equipped to help you grow healthy plants by giving your plants all the necessary support they require to grow in and out of season.

The K5 XL1000W is designed to carry the plants all through its life cycle starting from the seeding stage, the germination phase, the vegetative phase and the blooming phase without causing any form of damages to the plants as long as the grow light is used properly.


This unique product has won series of awards in the world of led grow lights and this is because it’s awesome features that are made of high quality materials.

COOLING SYSTEM: This is a sophisticated system that has cooling fans that keeps the system cooling at all times ensuring that heat is consistently emitted from the lighting device and from your plants.

Without the cooling fans, there will be overheating in the grow light system and heat will be accumulating on the panel of the system which might lead to burn and damage of the panel. This heating up of the panel will also be transmitted to the plants which is not good for the growth of the plants

N/B: This led grow light donates 2100BTU.

AREA OF COVERAGE & PAR: The major work of this grow light is to ensure that your plant does not lack the supply of light. The light coverage also depends on the wildness of the room. The coverage of this led grow light is 5 by 5ft or 4 by 4ft.

FULL SPECTRUM: This led grow light can do for you what other grow lights cannot do for your plants and one of them is that the spectrum of the K5 XL1000 is adjustable and this can help adjust it to be suitable for your plant at any stage of the plant life cycle.

The manufactures of this product designed it with 12 band spectrum which includes Ultraviolet, Infrared, Blue, Red, White, Green and Yellow lights.

*The Blue, White and Red lights are adjustable to suit your plants at a particle phase of germination. With theses lights, your plants will germinate well, healthy and ready to move to the nest stage of their life cycle.

NOTE: Read through the manual to understand how the led grow light works in order to know how to use it on your plants at every stage of the plant life cycle.

LESS CONSUMPTION OF POWER: The power consumption of this led grow light is about 630W HPs but it supplies the same energy of that of a 750watt HPs.

This product is also designed with modulation Dimmable which enables it to consume energy base on the brightness of light that it generates.

DIODES: The light of this led grow system has a penetrative power that can pass through canopy and its 320 diodes is a combination of 3W and 5W Chips. The Diodes are secondary lens that are about 60 degree but its energy frequency is very efficient.


  • -Voltage is AC100-277V
  • -It weighs 36 pounds
  • -320 diodes (mixture of 3W and 5W)
  • -Frequency of 50/60Hz
  • -Amperage is 5.25
  • -Wattage is 650W
  • -Dimensions is 26 x 20 x 3.5inches


  • -A 90 DAY guarantee
  • -It comes with a protective glass
  • -The package contains a 6ft long 110V power cord
  • -This grow light system functions and supply light just like the natural sunlight
  • -It has adjustable spectrum with 12 band spectrum
  • -It functions and produces result like the 750W HPs
  • -Is designed to run for 50,000 hours (life span)
  • -It has strong cooling system
  • -Large coverage area of 5 by 5ft to 4 by 4ft
  • -Strong hanging kit
  • -6ft long strong power cord
  • -User manual for instructions and directions


  • -It has a short power cord.
  • -Cost more than an HPs setup
  • -It can replace a 750watt not 1000watt.


This product is being used by lots of farmers all over the world both by starters and professional farmers. There are no recorded reports or complains relating to this product by all the users of this unique product. This product has be tested and approved to be reliable and sustainable led grow light in the market. What are you waiting for? Give it a try and see how well and healthy the plants you cultivate with grow light germinate so great.

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