Higrow Optical lens-series 1000w Review

The Higrow Optical lens-series 1000w is one of the top well known best led grow lights that are in use by both professional farmers and starter farmers. Indoors farmers all over the world wish to see better results from their previous cultivated plants and the recent plants they are cultivating now.

higrow optical lens-series 1000w

To observe these changes, they decide to try different led grow lights on their plants and take record of the changes they observe on their plants and the response of their plants to the grow lights used on them.


The key features are those unique things about this particle product that makes it different and much better and suitable for every farmer and their plants. These key features include;

OPTICAL LENS: The HIGROW 1000W grow light is designed with optical lens that is 90 degree. This optical lens helps the grow light to have more and higher concentration causing the plants to produce more yields with bountiful harvest.

The Optical lens helps to minimize 30% light loss during the plant growth, increases harvest with an improved high quality PAR/LUMEN.

FULL SPECTRUM: This grow light system is designed with full spectrum. This full spectrum is a 12 band layout system. The major work of the spectrum is to provide the plants with light support that will serve like the natural sunlight to the plant and help them grow well in and out of season without causing any damage to the plants.

Below are the ranges of the 12 Band full spectrums;

  1. GREEN LIGHT (520nm – 530nm)
  2. WHITE LIGHT (2700 – 3000K, 4200 – 4500K)
  3. YELLOW LIGHT (580nm – 590nm)
  4. RED LIGHT (650nm – 660nm, 620nm – 630nm)
  5. BLUE LIGHT (430nm – 440nm, 450nm – 460nm, 460nm – 470nm)
  6. ORANGE LIGHT (610nm – 610nm)
  7. ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (390nm – 400nm)
  8. INFRARED LIGHT (740nm – 760nm)

The spectrum helps the plants by improving the growth of the plants at every phase of their life cycle.

A COOLING FAN AND HEAT SINK: The Higrow Optical lens-series 1000w is suitable for any kind of indoors cultivation of plants at any phase of their life cycle because they are designed with a unique Aluminum cooling system that helps to keep the system cooling, emitting heat from the panel of the grow light system and your plants.

With this cooling fans and the heat sink, the grow light system will be experiencing overheating which might cause damages to the ICs in the panel of the system and also cause damages to your plants by drying it up and bridging the growth of the plants.

ULTRAVIOLET DIODES: This led grow light is designed with ultraviolet diodes and the major function of the ultraviolet diodes is to fight against bacterial infections and diseases that might want to attack your plants.

N/B: Growing your plants indoors does not mean that the plants are safe from bacterial and diseases. But with the help of the ultraviolet diodes your plants are protected from bacterial.

INFRARED DIODES: The major function of the infrared diodes is to help the plants have a complete and perfect cell division and complete it phases of life cycle.

COVERAGE AREA: The coverage area of this led grow light ranges at 5 x 4ft. With this grow light, you will grow more plants of different kinds.

Core coverage also depends on the size of the room you are using and the quantity of plants you are planting or you intend planting.

WORKING ABILITY: This led grow light has a very high working efficiency of 1000W HPs/MH and suitable because it consumes 400W only.


  • It has 90◦ LED Lens (the optical lens is for perfect light concentration)
  • Its Voltage is AC100-240V
  • It has 24 height 4 x 3ft core coverage and a 24 height 5 x 4ft maximum coverage.
  • The life span of this system is 50,000 hours and above
  • It can replace a 1000watt HPs
  • The dimensions is 20.1 x 11.2 x 2.6 inches
  • Is designed with 200Pc 5 watt EpiLED / Bridge Lux LED Quantity.
  • It weight is about 13.6lbs
  • 12 band spectrum with Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UL)


  • The package of this product comes with a onetime hanging kits
  • This product has a onetime G1000 Led grow light.
  • There is also a power cord that is 6 ft long for connection to a power (electricity) source.


-Faster cooling system with 3 fans and heat sink

-Is a durable designed product

-Strong 12 band spectrum

-Its lens limit lights loss.

-It has a perfect light concentration because of the optical lens.

-A 30 year guarantee

-This led grow light has a 3 year warranty

-It has a onetime G1000 LED grow light

-Long life span of 50,000 thousand hours and above



-The power (electrical) cord is short

-This grow light can cause damages to the plants when is placed very close to the plants in the room.


This product is a perfect grow light for your plants. With it, you are sure of growing healthy plants the will produce a great yield. Get this product today and use it on your plants at any stage and watch how well your plants will grow.

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