GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light

Growing of plants indoors is a wonderful and lovely pattern of farming but most a times, it can be very discovering for starters and even professional especial when they hear about some people bad experiences about a particle product of led grow light and how their plants damage, it tend to restrict them from buying that led grow light, sometimes it even discovers them from going into indoors farming.

GoGrow V3 Master Grower

That is the reason we are presenting to you this incredible led grow light called the GOGrow V3 Master led grow light. This led grow light has a strong penetrative power that has the ability of penetrating into your plants and causing it to develop with a rapid growth with a great yield.

Another awesome thing about the V3 master grow light that is of a higher and reliable quality than other led grow light.

This is so because the manufacturers of this product targeted the need and desires of all indoors farmers by ensuring that this product delivers to your plants the type of growth necessary for them by making them stronger and healthier at every stage of their life cycle.


This unique led grow light is a special and sophisticated product with excellent design and features that will deliver to you the exact growth rate you expect of your plants of which one of them is blooming of the plant because of the strong red lights with the help of this red lights, your plants tends to blossom well at the best proportion.

Also, over heating is like the general problem that most Led grow lights have. But with this led grow light the problem of overheating in the room area of cultivation is over because their lights are specially manufactured with excellent fans and heat sink that helps to absorb any form of heat that might be accumulating in the panel of the device and ensuring that there is no atom of overheating on your plants.



FULL SPECTRUM: This product is designed with a full spectrum that allows it to supply all the necessary proportion of light expected of it and still keep the plants healthy without any damage to the plant cells.

With The full spectrum, your plants will be able to survivor in and out of season because these spectrums are specially configured to convert light energy into the energy that can be used by your plants to germinate. The spectrum does different work on the plants during the seeding stage, vegetative stage and the blooming stage without causing damages to the plants nature.

 COVERAGE: This led grow light product has an excellent coverage that can take much area of cultivation that can cover the following areas successfully.

The coverage area includes;

-A 2 by 2 “8”

-A 3 by 3 “16”

-A 4 by 4 “24”

-A 5 by 5 “32”

-A 6 by 6 “40”


With the above ranges of coverage you can use the GOGrow V3 grow light perfectly.



2 by 2 “8” (200nm – 1805nm)

3 by 3 “16” (400nm – 875nm)

4 by 4 “24” (600nm – 470nm)

5 by 5 “32” (800nm – 320nm)

6 by 6 “40” (1000nm – 202nm)


Radiation Value / Photosynthesis Phase

          40        6 by 6 ft       613 umol       Seeding
          32        5 by 5 ft       833 umol       Vegetative
          24        4 by 4 ft      1113 umol       Blooming
          16        3 by 3 ft      1750 umol             –
           8        2 by 2 ft      2890 umol             –




COOLING FANS AND HEAT SINK: The fans and heat sink in this led grow light helps to keep the system cooling and working for a longer period of time as long as the led grow light system is in operation.

The major duty of the cooling fans is to continually absorb heat and ensure that there is no form of overheating that could cause damages to the grow light panel and the plants.


  • Voltage AC 100 – 240V (50/60 Hz)
  • Height for installation on plants is 8 to 40
  • The bean angle is 120 degree
  • The output power is 320W
  • Its working time is 12 to 18 hours per a day
  • It package comes with one power cord
  • It has two (2) ratchet rope hangers
  • Two (2) Carabineers
  • A one (1) month guarantee
  • A three (3) year warranty


-The output plus the energy are of higher improvement to other versions of this product.

-Is easy to use

-Can be use by both starters and professional

-It has excellent core coverage.

-Is easy to install at any height that is much for your plants

-It has a long life span

-A 3 year warranty and a 1 month guarantee.



-Is expensive and cannot be afforded by every farmer

-One of this led grow light will not be enough for extra large planting room.


There are no notable complains from users of this unique product. This product has been approved to be one of the major best versions of grow lights.

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