GalaxyHydro 300W Indoor Grow Light Review

To be convinced that the LED grow light you are using for your plants at the moment is good and best for your plants, then you have to monitor the plant and know if they are growing properly at every stage of the plants. With this, you can confidently testify that the Led grow lights you are using are the best for your plants.

Growing plants indoors is totally different from growing plants outdoors and the procedure differs too.

Plants grew outdoor depends and survivals by the nutrients from nature and such natural nutrients includes sunlight, air, water, nutrients from the soil pH and they experience climatic changes that also help and support their growth. These plants can only grow in times of season (this means that they can only survivor when they are planted during their season).

Plants planted indoors do not depend on climatic factors or natural nutrients from sunlight or soil to survival; rather they grow in and out of season with the help led grow lights.

If you are a starter in the aspect of growing plants indoors and want to grow healthy plant, then this is your lucky post.

We present to you the Galaxy Hydro 300W Indoor grow light. With this led grow light system, you will be able to grow as much plants as you wish and make great harvest. This led light system provides your plants with excellent colors and nutrients needed by your plants at every stage of their life cycle.



This unique and excellent product (growing lighting system) is manufactured to help you achieve a great cultivation of any plant of your choice. This plant growing lighting system is specially designed to cover 9 unique different types of lights for the support of your plants.

The GH 300W is suitable for you plants at every phase of their life cycle, this means that the plants are totally covered and protected with this LED grow light because this light system also supply plants the necessary required nutrients and nourishment essential for the proper growth of the plants.

One of the lovely and unique features of the Galaxy Hydro 300W led grow light is that it has both Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) light system of which these two lights plays an important roles in the life cycle of the plants.


THE INFRARED LIGHT: This light plays an important role in the life cycle of the plants, the major purpose of the infrared light is to help the plants complete it cell division cycle (100% cell division process)


THE ULTRAVOILET LIGHT: This light is very important and necessary in growing your plants. The major function of the ultraviolet light is fight against bacteria’s and insects that might want to attack your plants to destroy them and reduce their life cycle.

Nobody likes or enjoys the noisy sound of a light system with the GH 300W is a different game because this particle led grow light system does not generate noise during operation. Is a low noise cooling system that reduces heat from accumulating in the panel and transition of heat into your plants to cause damages to the plants.

The product is manufactured with a dual fan that helps to cool the

N/B: Excessive heat can destroy your plants or even dry them up, but with this Galaxy Hydro 300W led grow light, the system will be cooler with lesser noise which is much better than other LED grow lighting systems.



To have a successful plant germination, you led grow lights must be kept at different dimension or distance to give to your plants the exact source of growth they require to grow healthy and strong.

Below are the stages of plants and the inches or distance the led grow light should be kept away from them;

  • At Germination stage of your plants, hang the LED grow light at 50-55 inches over the plants.
  • At the Vegetative stage of the plants, hang the LED grow light at 42-48 inches over the plants.
  • At the Flowering stage of the plants, hang the LED grow light at 35-40 inches over the plants.



The Galaxy Hydro 300W Led grow light cooperation services provides you with a reliable guarantee and warranty that is unique and different from any other led grow light company could offer you.

Once you purchase this product, you will get the following guarantee/warranty.

  • A two (2) year warranty.
  • A 30 (thirty) day warranty.


N/B: Within this 30 day guarantee, you are entity to get your money back if the Galaxy 300W is not exactly what the industry/company that manufactured this product said about this product is not what it is.

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