galaxy 600w led grow light complete guide

There are lots of expensive LED grow lights that are over $2,500 USD and for this reason some persons see the Led grow light as a restricted area for them, especially for starters who not purchased grow lights be for.

We advice starters not to go for the high expensive Led grow light rather start with low price grow light. But the good news is that there are less expensive grow lights that are unique and functions perfectly well.

Some of these less expensive grow lights can even deliver to your plants the type of growth you list expected of your plants and enables the plants to reach its full maturity and potentials.

Do you wish to have such a unique and amazing led grow light for growing plants indoors? That is why we present to the Galaxy 600W Led Grow Light. This is a less expensive grow light but will help your plants grow well and give the plants the support of growth other expensive led grow light will give to you.




This unique led grow light can be used for growing plant and be use at every phase of the plants life cycle because it generate all the full colors your plants need to exploit its qualities.

The Galaxy 600W is designed with the following lights;

  • One (1) White light (wavelength lights)
  • An infrared light (430~440,450~460,610~615,620~630,650~660)
  • An Ultraviolet light (380~400)nm
  • Three (3) Red light ((wavelength lights)
  • Three (3) Blue light (wavelength lights)

The major purpose of these lights is to help the plants germinate properly starting from the early stage of the plant life cycle to full maturity.

This 600W Galaxy Hydro led light is equipped with EpiLED Chips that are about two hundred 3W and uses about 230WATT power which keeps it rating at about 50,000 hours and above. With this power, you have been saved of electricity cost and inconveniences.

Is also designed with outstanding Blades and fans and the major purpose of this fans is to keep the system cooling as it function or in operation to avoid heating up and accumulation of heat in the system which might cause damages to the grow light system and also might be transmitted to your plants as the system over heat without the cooling fans do its job. But the perfect functioning of the fans, Blades and the capacitors, the Led grow light system will remain cool in any weather condition.



  • Is built with a 230W power draw.
  • It has both ultraviolet and infrared lights.
  • It has about 50,000 hours above life span.
  • Is built with Daisy Chain connection.
  • There is an input plug on the body of the system.
  • This system is 3.11 inches (H), 11.0 inches (W), 17.3 inches (L) in dimension.
  • It works on AC85/265V (voltage)
  • CE, ROHS and FCC Certified to be a higher quality.
  • It has an OFF and ON switch.



EpiLED CHIPS: The Galaxy Hydro 600W led grow light comes with a 200 3watt and the major function of the EpiLED Chips is to ensure that there is much better lightening necessary for your plants germination.


PAR-Per-WATT: The major function of the PAR-par-watt is that it allows the farmer to monitor, take notes and have better understanding about how the plants responds to the light and to know how much light is reaching the plants, also to note the reactions of the plants to the light.


ULTRAVIOLET LED LIGHT:  The major purpose of this light is to fight against bacteria’s that might want to attack the plants that are planted indoors and placed under this grow light.


INFRARED LED LIGHT: The major purpose of this light is to assist the plant in the completion of their life cycle cell division.


LONG LIFE SPAN: This led grow light is designed to stay for a very long time, is the long life span that makes it to work efficiently. It can work for 50,000 hours and above.


A UL FANS/ BLADE: This led light system comes with Fans/blades; the purpose of this fan is to cool the system even as it runs for thousands of hours. The fan also absorbs heat from the system and prevents heat from transmitting to the plants.



  • It comes with a power cord.
  • A stainless steel rope hanger.
  • It comes a two (2) warranty
  • It has PAR-Per-Watt Ratio.
  • Is designed with EpiLED Chips which is 200 3W.



  • This led light durable, its durability is higher than most expensive Led grow light systems.
  • It has good coverage for starters, ranging at about 3×3 tents to 4×4 tents.
  • It plays an important role in ensuring that the plants grow properly to full maturity.
  • It supplies enough Ultraviolet and infrared lights to the plants.


  • It does not have a customized spectrum.



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