G8LED 900 Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Grow Light 2018 Review

The use of led grow lights is taking over the traditional method of growing plants and every day, lots of people are going into indoors farming of different plants in our society today.

To become a successful indoor farmer and growing healthy and nourished plants, you will need to use a good, perfect and quality grow light that will not cause damages to the plants but will be suitable for the plants at every stage of their life cycle.

G8LED 900 Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Grow Light Review

Such quality led grow light that you need and your plants desires to grow well, reproduce and make a great yield is the G8LED 240W grow light.

This grow light is an awesome invention in the world of different grow lights that are harmless to your plants. It has a specific growing ability that causes the plants to grow well at every stage of the plants life cycle. There are lots of grow lights manufacturing industries that claim that their grow light products are the best and that their products could help your plants during every stage, the germination phase, the vegetative stage and the blooming stage. But most these products are not really what the manufactures claim they are.



The G8 900Watt Mega led grow light is a unique grow light product that has a strong penetrative power that will help your plants grow health at every stage of their life cycle.

The penetrative power is about 60 inches depth and is a professional led grow light that can cover about 24ft and above without any challenges. With this grow light, you can grow many plants to full maturity with any complication arising.


So many grow light manufacturers have claim that their product is the best and that the life span is long enough to keep delivering lights to the plants and some of them failed. But this product life span is really long to keeping giving your plants light day and night for 50,000 thousand hours and a HPs lamp that can work for as long as 20,000 thousand hours.

With this amazing grow light product, your plant will grow well and nourished because it has the ability to sustaining your plants at every stage of their life cycle, starting from the seeding stage, germination stage and at the blooming stage.

The best way to use this product is using it from the start of your planting. Is much suitable for your plants when installed in the growing room from the beginning and one awesome thing about it is that you can adjust it to suit your plants nature.



COOLING FANS: A cooling system plays an important role growing plants indoors. As the system runs for thousands of hours there is 100% tendency that it might start accumulating heat in the panel. But with led grow light cooling system it will help to emit heats from your plants and the device itself.

This system is built with quality fan blades that rotate for hours to give cool breeze to the system thereby causing the life span to grow light to be sustained for months and years.


FULL SPECTRUM: The function of the spectrum is to provide bright or volume of light necessary for the plants to help them under go every stage of their life normal just like plant planted outdoors that receives their nutrients from natural sun light. These spectrums are sets of different lights that work together to support the plants, this include the Ultraviolet and the infrared lights.

The ultraviolet lights helps to fight against bacterial that might to attack the plants while the infrared light helps the plants under go their cell division.


COVERAGE: When planting indoors and using a grow light on the plants, the ability of the grow light to cover your plants depends on the size of the room you are using for cultivating your plants and the quantity of plants you are cultivating. The core coverage of this grow light product is 24ft.

NB: As long as the lights are reaching the plants with the right proportion of light the plant deserve, the plants will grow very richly.



LIFE SPAN: The product have a long life span that ranges at 50,000 hours, with this long range of consistence running of the grow light, the plants kept under it will be able to get full light supply day and night of which this will make the plants to have rapid growth.




  • It has ultraviolet and infrared features
  • Is designed with cooling fans
  • The core coverage area is 24ft
  • The life span ranges at 50,000 thousand hours
  • It weight is 23 pounds
  • The voltage of this product is 240V
  • This awesome grow light has the ability of replacing a 1000 – 1200 Watt HPs
  • It power consumption is only 540watts
  • Is designed with Zener diodes for the protection of the panel of the system.
  • It has high quality lights from top industries (EpiStar, Optotech and BridgeLux)
  • It does not generate heat.



The G8 240Watt is everything you need for your plants at the seeding, vegetative and blooming stage to grow healthy, good looking and strong plants.



This grow light is manufactured with strong full spectrum that has a wide range of functions that can support your plants growth without causing damages to the plants planted indoors.

It has the ability of promoting the growth of your plants by serving as a source of photosynthesis and energy to your plants, it does this through the conversion of the light energy to work and serve like a natural sunlight to your plants to help them grow properly and reproduce with a multiple yields.

The G8 240W is a compact system but is very powerful in the sense that it can serve for a long period of time without breaking down and it has a low means of drawing electrical power not like other led grow lights that draws much electrical power with very high gravity.



WHITE LIGHT SPECTRUM, ULTRAVIOLET AND INFRARED: This grow light is designed with 6000K white light that helps to quicken plant growth; making them to grow very healthy and also influences their maturity rate.

The shorter wavelengths range covers the influence of the ultraviolet light to the plants. The major function of the ultraviolet is to fight against any bacterial or diseases that might want to attack the plants planted in that room.

The longer wavelength range covers the influence of the infrared light to the plants. The major purpose of the infrared light is to support the plants during their cell division.

WEIGTH: Some grow light system weigh much while some weigh less, whatever be the case, there is always a strong hanger specially manufactured for that particle light system.

This grow light weighs 7 pounds in diameter, it measures 16 x 9 x 3 inches and is much suitable for smaller range of indoors farming and growing of plants in order to provide the necessary wavelength your plants needs to germinate well at every stage of their life cycle.


CORE COVERAGE AREA: The panel of this grow light is manufactured with a 6 square foot growing space that makes it easy for this light system to have a good coverage that can cover 3 to 5 mature plants at once and multiple seeding plants causing them to grow healthy and well nourished.

PENETRATIVE POWER: The penetrative power of this device has the ability to penetrate through the canopy without any stress and its penetrative power can go up to 60 inches into the plants at the vegetative phase of the plants.

COOLING FANS: This 240W G8 has a cooling system that is one of the coolest systems for indoors plant growth.

It has ventilation by the side that helps to stop heat from building on the panel and a 3 fan cooling system that helps to blow air into the grow light system to assist in emitting heat from it and not destroy the plants.



-400W HID Lamp

-A stainless hanging kit with a power cord.

-It has a long life span

-It comes with a two (2) year warranty



-This product is designed with an 8+ band full spectrum

-It has long life span of running operation which is 50,000 thousand hours.

-It has zener diodes for strong voltage and current protection.

-This grow light has low power draw than other grow lights.

-Is a compact product but very powerful.

-Because of the strong cooling fans, this system does not experience overheating.

-It has a 2 year warranty



-The product only has more vegetative support than other phase of the plant.

-This grow light can sometimes bring low bulb life

-Red UFO is needed for better flowering stage.


The G8 Led grow lights are unique products that are strong and reliable for any kind of indoors farming, be it a large room indoors farming or a large room indoors farming.

This product is widely used by farmers all over the world and users of these amazing products have good report over how their plants grew healthy and yielded hag harvest.

Try the G8 led grow light products and enjoy planting your crops indoors.

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