California Lightworks Solarstorm 440 Review (2018)

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440: In the world today, solar energy is one of the energy ruling over so many energies because solar energy is a natural gift of nature that keeps coming every day and every time. Relating it to the world of farming today, the indoors farming is taking over some areas of the normal traditional farming because the source of the energy use in growing the plants.

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440 Review

If you are a farming that wants to go into the following areas of farming; Aqua-farming, Hydroponics, Aquaculture, Horticulture and any kind of indoors farming, then the California lights works solar storm 440W with UVB is the best and suitable for you.

The energy efficiency of this product is excellent because it has a unique, powerful and reliable power cable that terminates in the top plug that fits into the AC power socket. Once you are sure that the cable is strongly secured in the unit (the power inlet) he you can now proceed to switch on the power unit.

N/B: This also depends on the phase of your plants, be it at the seeding phase, vegetative phase or at the blooming phase of the plant life cycle.


This grow light is a primary optics and a high graded glass-based product that has a penetrative power that can light very deeply into your plants to blossom the plants in order for them to have a rapid growth.

The California 440W is specially designed with powerful LED-dependable grow light for the purpose of dual vegetative and blooming processes in the plants phases of life.


*The two (2) Ultraviolet –B (UV-B) T-8 tubes

*88 super high flux light emitting diodes

N/B: These two (2) lights sources combine to draw 440Watts power maximum and the purpose of this power draw is to ensure that there is sufficient light supply to the plants to germinate well and have a rapid growth.



HIGH LIGHT INTENSITY: This grow light emits light intensity with the help of the 88 super high fluxes LED which helps to support as wavelengths by the means of photo-morphogenesis and photosynthesis.

POWER CONSUMPTION: This system is more economical in power consumption because it draws 440W to 470Watts of power unlike other led grow lights that can draw as much as 600Watt and requires strong power supply to operate. But this product is designed to consume less power supply and still produce bright lights that your plants can use at every stage of their life cycle.


This grow light device has the following area of coverage;

*During Vegetative mode activation it covers 6 by 6 ft.

*During the blooming mode activation it covers 3 by 3 ft.

This two stages or phases are being controlled by two different switches of which one is for the vegetative activation while the other is for the blooming activation.


COOLING SYSTEM: The cooling system in this device is very active and its major work is to keep the system cooling during operation. As the grow light machine runs for hours; heat might start accumulating in side which may result to burns and overheating in the panel. Once this happens, the heat might be start transmitting to the plant which is not good for the growth of the plant.



-The life span is 80,000 thousand hours and above.

-The cooling fans life span is 50,000 thousand hours MTBF

-Bloom distance should be 3 by 3

-Length is 15 (L), Width is 18 (W), Height is 5 (H)

-Its operating temperature is -15◦C to 40◦C (5◦F to 104◦F)

-At vegetative stage, place it at 5ft or 6ft above the plants.

-It weighs 18lbs.



The manufacturers of this product designed this grow light with excellent electrical (parts) feature with that are perfect for this grow light system.

-Operating voltage is AV90 – 277V (50/60Hz)

-The led color spectrum are blue 470nm,warm white 3100k, red 620nm, deep blue 440nm, deep red 665nm, UVB 285-315nm.

-The LED Board 040 Aluminum metal core PCB.

-Power consumption during the vegetative mode is 235Watts.

-Power consumption during the blooming stage is 320Watts.

-Power consumption during blooming mode plus Ultraviolet-B (UVB) is 350Watts.

-Power factor is 0.99

-The typical current is 1.464.


*A 3 year warranty

*A 36 months guarantee


-It is a compact design system

-It has double switches

-It has an energy efficient led based grow light.

-The coverage is so encouraging

-Long life span that last for 80,000 hours and above

-Effective and efficient cooling system

-high intensive light


-It does not have secondary optics

-When used improperly, it can precipitate leaf burns.


There are so many grow light industries manufacturing different grow light system, some are of a higher quality and higher price while others are of a low quality and low price but one good thing about them is that they all serve the same purpose of supporting your plants and help you grow healthy plants.

We advice to make the right choice of grow light when setting up an indoor farming and this California  solar storm 440W grow light is the best option for growing your plants.

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