BESTVA 2000W LED Grow Light 2018 Review

Do you wish to try unique new brand of led grow lights and see the quality they are made of; then you well feel very lucky to be introduced into the world of this brand new BESTVA 2000W led grow light with a double chips full spectrum.

bestva 2000w led review

This is one of the newest grow light with very strong and reliable led lights that can make your plants grow at multiple growth rates. This excellent product is manufactured with high durability and quality lights that make it suitable for plants during their vegetative and blooming stage because the lights of this product are very efficient and magnificent and will support the plants always.


The manufactures of this grow light designed it with suitable full spectrum grow lamp and is very prefect for indoors growing of plants because of its full spectrum that ranges at 380nm to 780nm and that is what makes plants a highly.

With the help of the full spectrum, the plants will be able to benefit a lot from this led grow light and develop properly without any damage to the plant life cycle.

The BESTVA 200W is designed with some specific features that makes it different and unique from other designs of grow lights in the market today.


BESTVA 2000W LED Grow Light Review

COVERAGE: This 2000W double chips led grow light is designed with an excellent core coverage that is awesome and this coverage can take over 7.8 ft x 7.5ft at 24 heights.

Considering the area of coverage also depends on the size of the room or tent you are using for planting your crops or the quantity of plants you intend planting or you are already planting.

THE CHIPS: This system is designed with dual or double chips of 200pcs and 10W Bridgelux / EpiLEDs.

VOLTAGE: It has a strong voltage of AC 85 – 265v, with this voltage, the led grow light works perfectly well without any bridge during operation.

LIFE SPAN: This grow light has a long life span that is much higher than other led grow lights in the market.

The long life span is 10,000 hours, this means that this grow light system can run for 10,000 hours none stop operation consistently supplying lights to the plants and keeping the plants healthy, strong and productive.

FREQUENCY: It frequency ranges at about 50 to 60Hz.

TEMPERATURE: Its working temperature ranges at about -68 ~ 104◦F

SPECTRUM: The industry that manufactured this led grow light designed it with full spectrum that are perfect for growing plants indoors, these full spectrum shines so bright and functions just like the natural sunlight to the plants.

COOLING FANS: The major work of the cooling fans system is to help keep the grow light system cooling during operation for the period of hours it will be supplying lights to your plants.

With the help of this cooling fans system, the aluminum panel in the grow light device will remain cool and there will be no sign of overheating in the system or transmission of heat to the plants.

Plants cant with stand excessive heat because it dries them up and keeps them dehydrated with might lead to death of the plants.

POWER CABLE: The power cable is connected at the back of the system; this power cable helps to supply power to the led grow light system when connected to a power source.

HANGING KIT: This product comes with a strong hanging hook that is use for hanging the grow light above the plants. The major function of the hanger is to help you keep at a place making it focus its light on the plants without moving up and down.

Once the light is focus on the plants, the plants will get full nourishment from the light just as much as it will get when is placed under natural sun.

DIMENSION: The size of a grow light is also important when choosing a grow light. This led grow light is designed with an amazing dimension which are; length 20.87 inches, width 8.27 inches and height 2.36 inches.

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-It has a long life span of 10,000 hours

-Its led Angle is 120

-The average power draw by this product is 390W

-This system weights 10.36 pounds

– The voltage design of this product is AC 85 – 265 V

-It frequency is 50 – 60Hz

-The core coverage area is 7.8ft x 7.5ft at 24 heights.

-Full spectrum design

– It dimensions are 20.87 inches x 2.36 inches x 8.27 inches

-It has 200pcs dual (double) chips with 10W Bridglux / EpiLEDs.

-The working temperature of this led grow light is 68 ~ 104◦F

-A power cable

-A hanging hook

-An instruction manual


-It has full spectrum that are extremely bright

-The BESTVA 2000W does not require any ballast

-The designed with dual (double) chips

-A 3 year warranty


Users of this product can really testify that this grow light is a sophisticated light and the manufactures of this amazing grow light designed it with everything a farmer could ever desire in a grown light. Indeed, there are no complaints from users of this awesome grow light.

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