Best Grow Tent Kit For Growing Cannabis Indoor Review And Guide

Growing Cannabis can be a little bit difficult for starters of indoors farming and to be successful in growing cannabis indoors you must use the necessary and right indoors farming equipment and one of those important equipments is a grow tent that best suit the Cannabis plant in order to grow healthy and well nourished plants.

There are lots of growing tents manufacturing industries all over the world. Some of this tent manufactures claim that their grow tent is the best product, some claim that their tent product is the strongest, some claim that theirs is the most efficient tent while some claim that theirs is the most reliable grow tent and best selling in the market.

Is your duty to make your choice of grow tent that is most suitable for growing your Cannabis plants and that will support the plants by making grow healthy.


Growing Cannabis plants in a tent should be done with some consideration in order not to take the wrong steps in growing your Cannabis.

Some people ask why grow Cannabis indoors when you can actually grow them outdoors. The answer to this question is that Cannabis grow in a tent grow healthy than those grow outdoor and also, Cannabis also known as Marijuana, pot, weed etc are not legalized in some part of the world and society for this reason, is advisable to grow your Cannabis plants in grow tents.

Another reason to grow Cannabis in a grow tent is because of atmospheric conditions such as rain (excessive rainfall can damage your Cannabis especially if that area you planted the cannabis always experience erosions). But with the help of a grow tents your plants are safe indoors.

PEST: A very good treated grow tent will prevent pests of different kinds from attacking your plants.

TEMPERATURE: This should be another reason why you should grow your cannabis plants indoors with a grow tent. When the temperature in the room where the Cannabis are planted is very high, it can suffocate the plants and cause damages to them but with the use of a grow tent, a perfect environment will be made variable for the plants.


Choosing a prefect grow tent for your cannabis plants is very essential because that will also contribute in the determination of your plants growth and total well being.

There are lots of grow tent manufacturing industries with different grow tent products for sell but one thing you should bear in mind is that not every grow tents are made of high quality materials and not all of them are durable and reliable and that is why we are taking our time to post the best, durable and reliable grow tents in the market.

Below are some factors to look out for when choosing a grow tent in order to make the best choice for your plants.

  • * The strength of grow tent zipper.
  • * The density of the fabric use in manufacturing the grow tent.
  • * How ventilated is the grow ten.
  • * The quality of the reflective material used in producing the grow tent.
  • * How durable is the frame and use are they made from.

THE ZIPPER: When buying a grow tent for your Cannabis plant, ensure that the zipper is very strong and durable for everyday use.

The zipper is the part of the grow tent that under goes everyday stress because of the zipping and unzipping movement pressure that is mounted on the zip by the user and for this reason the zip tends to wear off easily. Most times it tears off leaving the tent open which is not healthy for the plants.

THE FABRIC: Is very essential to use a quality grow tent that is manufactured with a high quality fabric that is sound-proof, light tight and durable.

Another reason why you should consider a good fabric of any grow tent, is that using a thick and strong tent with a dense fabric, insects and pests will find it difficult to pass through the material and attack the plants. The material will be able to withstand stress with tearing off.

VENTILATION: Different sizes of grow tents comes with different ventilation ports. The function of the ventilation ports is to help accumulated heat to escape and to keep the grow tent ventilated by allowing fresh air to pass through the port into the tent.

REFLECTIVE INTERIOR: One of the qualities of a good tent is the interior reflective material of the grow tent. The function of the reflective material used in designing the interior the any grow tent is to help the grow light have more effectiveness and increase its lighting ability of the grow light.

N/B: Different grow tent comes with different reflective interior design ratios of which some are higher than others.

A Mylar interior design rating at 100% reflection with a Diamond pattern that gives the grow tent the perfect reflection that is most suitable for your plants.

TENT FRAME: You should consider the frame of the tent you intend buying for growing your Cannabis plants. A good tent should be very stable and durable.

A durable frame should be made of metal and steel not plastic or robber.

A good tent frame should be adjustable especially for stains of Cannabis   grow higher during germination.


When purchasing a grow tents is very important to consider the size of the area you intend the grow tent and the Cannabis you intend planting in the grow tent. This will help you in making your choice of tent.

Grow tents comes in different sizes and those sizes tends to meet up with all your requirements in planting different quality of plants. Each of these tents sizes has a way it affects you and your plants as an indoors farmer.


Smaller size grow tents are most suitable for starters or indoors farming with grow tent.

The smaller size grow tent is commonly seen and used because they are smaller and can easily fit into a room without any stress. Smaller grow tent is use for producing small harvest of plants.


*Oshion grow tent (4 x 2 x 5ft Mylar Hydroponic)

*Gorilla grow tent (LTGGT22)

*Yaheetech grow tent (24 x 24 x 48)

*Valuebox grow tent (2 x 2 x 4)

*Milliard Horticulture grow tent (30 x 18 x 36)

*Apollo Horticulture grow tent (36 x 36 x 72)


(4 x 2 x 5ft MYLAR HYDROPONIC)


This is a small grow tent for growing your Cannabis or other important crops. Is a small indoors Mylar Hydroponics grow tent that comes in different sizes and versions. Some of the versions are;

  1. 32 x 32 x 63 version
  2. 48 x 24 x 60 version
  3. 24 x 24 x 48 version

Our major focus will be on the 4 x 2 x 5ft version of Oshion grow tent. This tent is designed like a wardrobe to protect your privacy and keep your Cannabis safe from pollutants and any form of pest that might want to attack your plants. This product is designed with a strong material that will not allow light penetration.

It is an excellent product with the help of the Mylar reflective material which helps in maintaining consistence lighting to the plants.

This grow tent is easy to clean and maintain because of the Mylar spill tray that is removable and cleaned at any given time.

With this tent you are rest assured that the Cannabis plants will grow healthy and strong.


  • Is very easy to assemble this grow tent without any stress.
  • Cannabis grow faster and healthier in this grow tent.
  • This tent is built with heavy and strong materials.
  • Is durable and reliable.
  • It does not permit light escape from inside.


  • It can develop odor if not properly taken care of.
  • The zipper can easily rap off if not properly used.





This small grow tent is a unique but more expensive product than other small grow tents Using this tent is an excellent and perfect choice for your Cannabis.

The manufactures of this product designed it with a Diamond shaped Mylar which helps the light reflection that supports the plants growth.

Light can hardly penetrate through the material of this tent because it is strong and durable.

The Gorilla grow tent also plays a protective role to your Cannabis and keeps away dangerous pests that might want to attack your plants.



  • If any leakage occurs to the tent, it can be easily patch.
  • Is very durable because is made of high quality materials.
  • This tent creates conducive environment for the Cannabis plants.
  • It has strong reflective power.


  • Is expensive
  • Leakage may occur after a long time usage.
  • It has large openings



(24 X 24 X 48)


The fabric of this product is a reliable and durable material but the grow tent is not expensive and is most suitable for starters in indoors grow tent farmers.

Is a Hydroponic tent and less expensive and this does not make it a low effective, is even effective and efficient like most expensive and larger grow tents in the market.

This product is designed with air vents that are rectangular in shape, these air vents are found beneath the tent. Is a smell growing tent that can easily fit into your room perfectly.



  • Does not allow light loss.
  • Is an effective and efficient growing tent.
  • It grows Cannabis plants faster.
  • It can be patched if there is any tear.


  • Lights can escape through the air vent at the bottom of the grow tent.
  • It has a flap not a zipper and that means your Cannabis can be easily seen by anyone that comes into your room.



(2 X 2 X 4ft Mylar Hydroponics)


This is a small grow tent that is less expensive and affordable by both starters in indoors and professional. Users of this grow tent can testify that it is an awesome product that is very effective and efficient in helping grow and support your Cannabis plants.

The 600D heavy duty material used in designing this tent is very sturdy. It also has a magnifying ability and helps the grow light to spread well in the tent because of the Mylar lining of the tent.

Light can hardly escape from this grow tent and is most suitable and excellent for growing a healthy looking Cannabis indoors. This grow tent is also designed with a viewing window that allows you to view how well and fast your Cannabis plants are growing without opening the tent.



  • Is easy to clean
  • Is affordable
  • It has viewing window
  • Is a 600D heavy duty grow tent
  • It does not allow light to escape from inside
  • This grow tent is an excellent magnifying power and strong reflection.


  • The zipper can become an issue when opening and closing the grow tent.



(30 x 18 x 36)


This is a 100% reflective Mylar Hydroponic grow tent that helps you to grow your Cannabis indoor without any restrictions and is most suitable for starter in indoors farming.

The small Milliard grow tent is very easy to assemble in any corner of your room. Is a strong product that have durable frame that are sturdy and its stability is supported by two bars.

This tent has a reflective interior that allows light reflection in the tent and this is because of the potentials of the reflective material which is 100% reflective with this reflection light distribution will reach the Cannabis and cause them to have rapid growth thereby reproducing at a very high rate.

One awesome thing about this tent is that it is designed with strong zipper and an exhaust ports for any additional feature you might want to attach like fans etc.



  • It has an exhaust port for additional feature.
  • Designed with strong zipper.
  • Is effective reflective interior.
  • Is affordable.
  • You can control the temperature inside.
  • The window is large.
  • Is design with push-lock.


  • Little light might escape through the exhaust port if the additional feature is not properly fixed.



(36 x 36 x 72)

The Apollo grow tent is a unique tent that is easy to setup in indoors for the growing of your Cannabis plants. The zipper of this tent is designed with metal that is durable reliable.

Light distribution in this tent is amazing because of the Mylar lining the interior thereby giving it a strong reflective power which helps spread light all over the plants without any light escape.

This grow tent can be easy cleaned and maintained because of the removable floor tray it comes with.



  • About 95% to 97% of the grow light is focused on the Cannabis plants.
  • It has a ventilation opening for any additional feature like fan.
  • Strong reflective interior
  • Strong metal zipper
  • A 30 day guaranty and a 90 day warranty.


  • Little light can easily escape through the ventilation opening.





This grow tents are more suitable for farmers who wish to grow more Cannabis plants with more yields.

Medium grow tents comes in different sizes, shapes and designs from different grow tent manufacturing industries. These tents are specially designed for indoors growing of plants and they are designed to look like a wardrobe so that you can easily set it up at any corner of your room and grow your Cannabis without anyone knowing that there are plants growing in it. They help you to grow healthy plants with great yields.



*Ipower grow tent (48 x 24 x 60)

*Gorilla grow tent (48 x 48 x 79)

*ipyarmid grow tent (48 x 48 x 78)

*Apollo Horticulture grow tent (48 x 48 x 80)

*LAGarden grow tent (48 x 24 x 60)

*VIVOSUN grow tent (48 x 24 x 60)



(48 x 24 x 60)

The iPOWER grow tent is a medium size tent is a hydroponic water resistant tent for growing and having more yield of Cannabis. This grow tent is perfect for growing Cannabis because it has the ability to fight against any pest that might want to attack the Cannabis plants thereby causing them to grow well and healthy.

Is well ventilated in the sense that there is air movements in the tent and the plants will get freshened up. This grow tent does not permit light escape from the tent, is very easy to maintain and clean because of the removable floor tray that can be easily removed at anytime to be cleaned.

Another unique feature of this iPOWER grow tent is that the height is adjustable to suit your plant growth.



  • The interior of this tent has a strong reflective power and allows light to be distributed in the tent.
  • Is more suitable for growing more Cannabis plants.
  • Cleaning of this tent is very easy.


  • Adjusting the height of this tent can be sometimes problematic and will require helping hands.



(48 x 48 x 78)


This is a one of the unique high quality grow tent is well known among lots of grow tents. The Gorilla grow tent LITE is more expensive than other grow tent in the market and they are designed with a zipper that larger in size, strong and durable in nature. Their frame is made of steel and their interlocking corner is also designed of steel.

You can easily have access to your plants through the viewing window that is located close to the entrance of the tent.

Manufactures of this grow tent designed it with a strong material that does not allow light to look of the tent and with this tent, you can grow strains that tends to grow teller because of the expendable kit that can be attach to it increase the height of the tent.

With this you will be able to grow healthy Cannabis and have a great harvest.



  • The frame is made of strong steel.
  • It has an observation window for viewing your Cannabis.
  • Is easy to clean.
  • Does not allow light to escape
  • Is built with a strong reflective material.


  • The expandable kit is sold separately.
  • Is expensive.



(48 x 48 x 78)


The ipyramid grow tent is most perfect for growing of Cannabis with a very low income. This product is built with strong reflective interior that helps to spread light in the tent.

The light distribution of this tent is awesome in such a way that the plants gets about 90% to 95% of the light distributed in the tent because the reflection power of the tent interior that is 600D Mylar Hydroponics.

This grow tent is well ventilated for your Cannabis to get fresh air at all times and it also have an observation opening for monitoring the growth of your plants.



  • The interior is very reflective
  • Is well ventilated
  • Affordable by both starters and professional growers
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has a viewing opening for viewing and checking on your plants.


  • The interior reflection is not 100% assured.



(48 x 24 x 60)


The LAGarden indoors grow tent is a Diamond reflective Mylar Hydroponics tent that is designed with an Aluminum frame for the stability of the tent.

This tent is a heavy duty product whose rods weighs very much and paint coated rods the tent will stand strong.

The manufacturers designed it with a dense fabric that is 210D durable and the fabrics cannot easy be torn apart.

The interior is very reflective and allows lights to be distributed at every part of the tent. Is also ventilated but does not allow light to escape through it.



  • Is 100% reflective diamond Mylar interior.
  • Designed with strong Aluminum frame.
  • It has a Nylon belt for hanging your grow light and any other facility.


  • Not affordable by all growers.



(48 x 48 x 80)


This is a Mylar Hydroponics grow tent and an awesome product starting from the smaller tent. They all have amazing features and will help you grow Cannabis very well and healthy.

The medium size Apollo grow tent is designed with a strong zipper that can withstand stress and is well ventilated to provide fresh air for your Cannabis.

The interior is very reflective and allows light spread in all corners of the tent allowing the plants to have full does of the light to germinate very well.

With this tent pests are kept away from the plants and it also reduces heat that might be transmitting from the grow light to the plants.



  • Is well ventilated
  • Is a sturdy tent suitable for Cannabis
  • It has a high reflective interior
  • Is a very heavy duty material design


  • Is not so easy to assemble



(48 x 24 x 60)


The VIVOSUN is a Mylar Hydroponics grow tent that is very easy to set up (assemble) by any user of it. This medium size grow tent is perfect for growers that want to grow more Cannabis plants especially stains that grow teller.

The manufactures of this grow tent built it with a strong reliable materials that are thick in nature and the purpose of this is so that light will not leak out from the tent.

One unique feature of this grow tent that makes it different from other grow tents is the zipper which is super strong and can withstand daily stress of opening and closing of the tent.

Features include;

-Observation window

-A double ventilation openings

-Super reflective interior

-A carbon filter belt

-Strong metal frame



  • A two (2) year warranty
  • Well ventilated
  • Very reflective interior
  • Strong zipper
  • Very easy to set up.


No bad records or complains from users of this grow tent



The larger grow tents are bigger than the smaller and medium size grow tents in size and they require a bigger room corner to be set up.

These tents also come in different sizes and designs because they are manufactured by different grow tent industries.

The larger grow tents are mostly used by professional indoors farmers or growers that wish to cultivate plenty Cannabis indoors. It can also be used by starters of indoors farming even due they might be starting little by growing small quantity of plants but s they progress in growing Cannabis indoors, they can then expand their farming with the large grow tent and they would not need to buy another tent because they already started their indoors growing of Cannabis with a larger size grow tent and it will be of great use to them.

This tent requires more space in your room especially from growers who have smaller rooms but have the interest in a larger tent. But for professional growers who already know the cost of growing large plants and that have already made provision for a bigger room for the larger tent will not find it difficult or challenging setting up the tent in a room provided for it.



*Gorilla grow tent GGT59 (5 x 9 x 6)

*Urban farmer grow tent (57 x 57 x 78)

*VIVOSUN Horticulture grow tent (60 x 60 x 80)

*iPOWER grow tent

*VIVOSUN grow tent (96 x 48 x 80)





GGT59 (5 x 9 x 6)


This is a larger grow tent that is specially manufactured for the purpose of growing more quality Cannabis plants, this GGT59 is 5 by 9 by 6ft inches and is an awesome grow tent that is one of the strongest selling large grow tent today.

N/B: Is expensive among other selling grow tent.

The reflection of the interior material of this tent is of a high quality material and allows light distribution in the tent of spread all around your Cannabis there by making them to grow healthy with a rapid growth.

The height of this tent is adjustable, strong frame and it can withstand heavy hanging of other equipments on it.



  • Adjustable height
  • Durable frame
  • Reflective interior
  • Very stable
  • Is a heavy duty grow tent


  • It requires more space than small and medium grow tent.
  • Is expensive



(57 x 57 x 78)


This large grow tent is a strong reflective Mylar Hydroponics tent for growing more Cannabis or mixture of different plants.

The Urban grow tent is an efficient and effective tent that will support your plants growth and help them get the best light reflection from the grow light, this reflection comes from the reflective Mylar lining the interior of the tent.


*Strong and durable zipper that can withstand daily stress of opening and closing of the tent.

*Strong frame that is made of metal

This tent helps to keep pest and insects away from the Cannabis because of the floors that closes beneath the tent and makes it unable for insects to come into the tent.



  • Is a heavy duty material grow tent
  • Very reflective interior of Mylar that allows light distribution to the plants.
  • Designed with panel that is thick.
  • Strong durable zipper.
  • Is a multiple grow tent


  • Is expensive and cannot be afforded by all growers.



(60 x 60 x 80)


This is a super big grow tent for growing healthy Cannabis indoors. Is tent designed with high quality materials that are very reliable and effective.

The interior is reflective and permits light reflection on the plants. This product is an awesome grow tent that can grow plants very effectively.

Setting up this tent is very easy and is designed with a heavy duty material that will serve your Cannabis plants for very long time.



  • The reflection is of a higher quality
  • Is built with material that are for heavy duty purposes
  • Installation of this tent is very easy.
  • The material is light proof.


  • Is affordable.
  • Leakage may occur



(60 x 60 x 80)


The iPOWER Grow tent is a Mylar Hydroponics tent that is not expensive and can be afforded by any grower.

This lovely and efficient grow tent is an awesome product that is designed with a Mylar reflective material that keeps the interior of the tent well reflected with light. At about 97% of the light distributed in the tent goes into your plants to help them grow healthy with great yield.

The cleaning of this tent is very easy because of the removable floor tray and is built with strong frame that are reliable and durable because they are constructed with steels and weigh about 105 pounds which makes them stable in their position.



  • They are made of tear proof materials.
  • Good reflective interior
  • Does not allow light to escape through them
  • They are constructed with heavy duty materials.
  • Is easy to assemble in a room
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Can develop odor if not properly cleaned




(96 x 48 x 80)


The VIVOSUN Hydroponics grow tent is a larger tent for more growing of Cannabis plants indoors.

Heavy duty material that is reliable and durable with a strong frame that is made of steel.

Reflective interior that keeps lighting the tent for the plants to get full does of the grow lights which helps them to germinate well and healthy.

Zipper that is strong and they can withstand daily opening and locking of the tent.



  • Well ventilated
  • Built with heavy duty material
  • Very easy to install and to clean


  • The zippers are not very strong



*It provides fresh air for your Cannabis

*It protects your Cannabis against pest and insects.

*Helps you to control the temperature in the tent, humidity and light reflection on your Cannabis.

*It helps to keep odor away from your Cannabis.

*The interior of the grow tent is designed to magnify light from the grow light



*Setting up an indoors growing of Cannabis with a grow tent requires lots. This includes a hydroponics system, fans, suitable quality grow light or lights as the case may be.

*You will need guard lines before setting up a grow ten




If you are a professional or a starter in growing Cannabis plants indoors and you wish to grow healthy plants, then these grow tents is the best option for you.

One good thing about grow tents is that the manufactures did a nice work on all the grow tent mentioned in this post because they all have one purpose and that is to help you achieve your purpose of growing Cannabis indoors.

What are you waiting for, you can get any of the above grow tents here at a very affordable price and start growing your Cannabis plants right away.

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